When you watch a trailer for the first time

"You’re supposed to be so completely mesmerized by the music that you almost forget to absorb the actual content, right? If so, then I’m doing everything exactly right, because my entire brain right now is consumed with needing to know one thing: whose song is that in the Magnificent Seven trailer?”

- Alexis Rhiannon (Bustle)

Answer: Heavy Young Heathens. 2 brothers. Aron and Robert Mardo, known for their fearless approach to writing, composing and recording music for Film, Film Trailers, Video Games and Television.

HYH cut their teeth creating music for television for series that include Punk’d, Buckwild, Shameless, Jersey Shore, C.S.I., Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and their personal highlight, The Simpsons. Most recently, they've composed and performed the main theme to the popular 2016 Fox series Lucifer.

As the daunting world of Film Trailers came calling, HYH established themselves as the go-to composers for big budget campaigns, landing The Amazing Spiderman and Expendables 2 trailers the same week. Trailers for Need for Speed, Horns, Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Ant-Man among others followed. Listen for their version of House of The Rising Sun in the trailer for director Antoine Fuqua’s remake of the classic The Magnificent Seven.

HYH paired up with director Kevin Smith on his release Yoga Hosers, and worked closely with director Jared Hess on the original music and soundtrack for his films Don Verdean and Masterminds. Recently, they've had the unique opportunity to create period-correct analog recordings under the guidance of legendary actor / director Warren Beatty for his upcoming release Rules Don’t Apply.